Hair Bow Organizer Tutorial

Who knew having a little girl also meant having a plethora of hair bows?

Having no previous experience with little girl accessories, I kept finding myself with an unorganized drawer full of bows. Digging them out was a mess and they were always getting tangled up.

So I set out to find a better way to store them. Here’s the solution I came up with: a super easy, super cute hair bow organizer!

Bow Organizer 00

And believe it or not, it all started with a broken picture frame…

Bow Organizer 01

Want to make one of your own? Follow these simple steps.

Step One: Find a frame. (My son accidentally knocked over a large photo frame and broke all the glass, so I was left with a sturdy frame that I could no longer use.)

Bow Organizer 02

Step Two:  Take apart your frame. Remove the backing and set aside. Use a fine grit piece of sand paper and lightly sand the frame. (Most frames have a waxy protective layer on the surface, and in order for the paint to dry properly you’ll want to sand it off.)

Bow Organizer 03

You can see in this next photo, I didn’t take all of the paint off, just the top finishing layer.

Bow Organizer 04

Step Three: Prime your frame. This step takes about 15-minutes (including dry time) and is so worth the extra effort! Trust me, from years of experience, save yourself the headache of having to re-paint and prime first!

Bow Organizer 05

Step Four:  Once the primer is dry, paint the frame your desired color. I used Martha Stewart satin acrylic paint in the color “Blue Calico” (I love this color!). Once the first layer is dry you can apply a second coat, if needed.

Bow Organizer 09

Step Five:  Iron your fabric of choice until it’s completely smooth and wrinkle-free. Apply a generous layer of Modge Podge to the backing of your photo frame. Make sure the coat is even and covers the entire surface.

Bow Organizer 06

Before the Modge Podge dries, quickly place your fabric on top. Make sure there are no bubbles or wrinkles.

Bow Organizer 07

Once dry, you can trim the additional fabric.

Bow Organizer 08

Step Six:  Cut your drawer liners into strips. I found this inexpensive drawer liner at Bed, Bath and Beyond and it’s worked wonderfully! The non-slip grip is perfect for hair bows!

Bow Organizer 10

I wanted four strips for my bows, so I measured and cut mine into 1-1/2″ sections.

Bow Organizer 11

Bow Organizer 12

Step Seven: Lay your strips out onto your photo frame backing. Make sure they’re evenly distributed. Once you like the look, fasten the strips to your backing using a hot glue gun or a staple gun. (You only need to staple or glue the strips at the top and bottom of the backing. DO NOT apply glue all over the strips. You’ll want the middle of the strips free for your hair bows to clip onto.)

Bow Organizer 13

Step Eight:  Reattach the backing onto the frame. And you’re done!

Bow Organizer 14

Now you just need to hang on the wall and add your bows!

Bow Organizer 15

Isn’t that adorable? I just love walking into my little girl’s room and seeing this piece on the wall. Enjoy!


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