Send a Compliment! (Free Compliment Certificates)

National Compliment Day is fast approaching (celebrated every year on January 24th). Compliment Day is a day to find and point out the good in others. Everyone has positive attributes – that’s right – everyone!

Here’s a fun (and easy!) way to let others know how great they truly are: Official Compliment Certificates!

Compliment Certificate 01

All you need is a printer, paper, pen, envelope and stamp!

These can be handed out personally or anonymously, and the possibilities are endless:

  • Mail compliments to your family and friends
  • Leave a compliment in your mailbox for your postal carrier
  • Bring compliments to your classmates or coworkers
  • Send Grandpa and Grandma a compliment from the grandchildren

To download and print your own compliment certificates, click on the links below:

Official Compliment Day Award (Purple and Orange)

Download the purple and orange certificate here.

Official Compliment Day Award (Blue and Green)

Download the blue and green certificate here.

Official Compliment Day Award (Black and White)

Download a black and white version here.

Have fun and spread the love!


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