Creative Christmas Card Envelopes!

I love sending mail! My favorite part is addressing and decorating the envelopes! Just ask my family and friends… I tend to go overboard!

So, naturally, Christmas time is another opportunity for me to flex my creative fingers. Here’s a special holiday touch I added to the back of our Christmas card envelopes this year:

Our own little fingerprint reindeer! It’s quick, beautiful, and the best part is, it’s easy and cost next to nothing to do! All you need are your envelopes, a brown ink pad, and a red, black and brown marker.

Let’s get started!

Step One:  Print or write your family names on the back of your envelope (I printed ours just above the flap).

Step Two:  Roll your fingertip onto a brown ink pad, then press firmly above your name.

Step Three:  Using a red marker (I used an Ultra Fine Point Permanent Marker), draw a red nose onto your reindeer.

Step Four:  Using a black marker (again, I used an Ultra Fine Point Permanent Marker) draw two eyes onto each reindeer.

Step Five:  Using your brown marker, draw antlers on each reindeer in your family.

And that’s it! Now your Christmas card envelopes have a unique touch, sure to bring a smile to your family and friends faces!

Have any ideas of your own, or want to share how your project turned out? Head over to our Facebook Page and share with us! Happy Christmas Card Sending everyone!

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