Creative Gift Wrap Ideas

You work hard to find and buy the right Christmas gifts… Why settle for boring paper and scotch tape when wrapping them? Here are some creative ways to spice up your Christmas gifts!

Gift Wrap Idea #1: Use a Photo!

I love taking photos for friends and family, but I rarely have the time to print off copies for everyone. So this year I’m using photos as gift tags. Not only do they let the receiver know the gift is for them, but they can keep the photo when they’re done unwrapping their gift!

This is an especially good idea if you have to travel with your gifts. The photos lay flat against the package, so you don’t need to worry about bows getting flat on the commute!

Gift Wrap Idea #2: Number Your Packages!

My brother and I were “shakers” growing up. As soon as a gift with our name was under the tree, we immediately started shaking it to see if we could guess what was inside. Here’s a way to keep “shakers” guessing this holiday season…

Number your gifts! Pick a number for each child. Place that number on all of their gifts, instead of using their name. Don’t tell them which number is theirs until you’re ready to open gifts. That way the gifts stay a mystery until Christmas morning!

Gift Wrap Idea #3: It’s Easy Being Green!

Two years ago I spent over $50 on wrapping paper, bows, and gift tags. It was so disappointing to spend so much money and watch it get torn apart and thrown away immediately!

So last year I was on the lookout for a more environmentally friendly way to wrap gifts. And the result was easy and beautiful!

I used the comics section of our weekend newspaper to wrap all of my gifts. Then I used a colorful page from a magazine to make the bow. The results were beautiful! Each gift was colorful and unique. I got so many compliments on the wrapping, and the best part is, I brought along our recycling bin and was able to recycle all of our wrapping! No waste whatsoever!

I used this tutorial (click here) to make the bows. They were simple and easy to make! Now I use them year-round for every celebration!

Gift Wrap Idea #4: Slap an Initial on it!

These are perfect for gifts you need to travel with, or gifts you’ll be mailing. Just cut the initial of your receiver out of cardstock and tape onto your package! I use brown kraft paper for most of my gifts because it’s 10x thicker than wrapping paper and won’t tear easily if you need to put it in your trunk for traveling.

Bonus: You can recycle the paper when you’re done and the end result is always beautiful!

Gift Wrap Idea #5: From Santa, With Love

Santa is a busy man! He really works his magic around the holiday season, and it’s always nice to know which gifts are from him.

These special Santa gift tags let the children know which gifts traveled all the way from the North Pole to be delivered on Christmas morning. They really add an extra touch of magic to the holiday season. I’d like to thank Santa for letting me use them! Come back tomorrow for the FREE Santa Gift Tag download 🙂

I’d love to see your gift wrapping ideas! Head over the our Facebook Page to share how you wrap your gifts for the holiday season. Happy Wrapping!


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