Election Day Activities for Children

Election Day, whether you lean towards the right- or left-side, it’s an exciting day for America.

My husband and I wanted to set a good example for our son, so we tried to incorporate a few Election Day activities into his daily routine. We started at breakfast, by spelling out “2012” and “Vote” with his Cheerios 🙂

As the polling came to a close, I printed a blank map of the United States and we colored in each state as results were announced. You can find free printable maps here.

It was a lot of fun and a great way to keep him entertained during the political newscasts. (Which I really wanted to watch.)

At the end of the day we used his bath alphabet to spell out “I Voted” and we snapped a few photos.

Did I mention we’re expecting? We decided our newest addition needed to celebrate Election Day as well 🙂 So we gave him/her an “I Voted” sticker (technically, they did go to vote!)

Happy Voting! I’d love to hear how you celebrated Election Day!

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