Children’s Artwork Binder

I’m an ridiculously excited to share today’s post!

To preface: I am a lover of art – music, photography, paintings, you name it! My son and I have been creating art projects since he was born. Every month I sketch a picture on white cardstock and he “colors” it in using his fingerprints. I love our art project afternoons!

I wanted to keep all of his artwork in a safe place, but I also wanted to be able to showcase the pieces… The result? A personalized artwork binder!

I went to and ordered a custom 1.5″ binder (about $24 with shipping). I scanned my son’s artwork, then added those pictures to the cover, spine and back of the binder. The images are ACTUALLY PRINTED ON THE BINDER! These photos do not do it justice! It’s a beautiful piece!

On the spine I included a small photo of my son, as well as him name and the years 2011-2014 (I figure it’ll be full by then, and we’ll order another one!).

Once the binder arrived, all I had to do was slip his artwork into protective, plastic sheets and add them in. Viola!

No matter what your child’s age – this is a great idea to store artwork, homework, anything special you’d like to keep! It would also make a great gift for grandparents!

Want to make your own? Get started here!

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