Family Tree

(Click on photo to see a full size image.)

I’m always on the hunt for creative gift ideas. For Christmas last year, I wanted to make a creative family tree to send to all of our aunts and uncles.

For the family tree above, I created the tree trunk in photoshop (if you look closely, the trunk is made up of all our family names) , then at Thanksgiving I brought along a green ink pad and had everyone leave their fingerprints and sign their name. I love the way it turned out!

For the tree below, I typed all our names into Photoshop (in different layers). Then I manipulated, twisted and bent each layer, until it looked resembled a tree. The trunk is made up of grandparents, each big branch are parents/aunts/uncles, and the smaller branches are the children/cousins.

I’m looking forward to updating these trees as our family expands!

(Click on photo to see a full size image.)

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