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With St. Patrick’s Day and Easter being so close together this year I didn’t have much time to plan Easter activities. (Insert the feeling of failure and a touch of mommy guilt.) This week I’ve been racking my brain for some quick and easy craftivities for my little ones.

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I didn’t want to go shopping, so I looked around and tried to come up with a craft using things I already had in the house. We had jelly beans, a sewing needle, and some jewelry cord, so insert: the jelly bean bracelets!

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  • Jelly beans
  • Sewing needle
  • Jewelry cord
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Baby wipes

Note:  We used this jewelry cord and I found it extra helpful to have baby wipes on hand!

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This was the perfect rainy afternoon project!  It took us a little over an hour to make ten bracelets – and a little over two hours before we ate half of them (not an exaggeration).


The hardest part about making these is avoiding the temptation to eat all the jelly beans!

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  1. Lay out the jelly beans. I found it helpful to have my children line up the colors and patterns in advance.
  2. Cut the jewelry cord. (We cut ours about 7″ long.) Tie a few knots at the bottom of the cord – about 1″ from the bottom. Thread the cord through the sewing needle.
  3. Push the needle through the center of each jelly bean to thread them, then push them down to the bottom of the cord. (We found it helpful to use a hard surface – our kitchen table – to press the bottom of the needle on.) Continue to add jelly beans until the bracelet is long enough for your child’s wrist (we used between 15-20 jelly beans per bracelet.) Helpful tip: have baby wipes on hand! The needle will get sticky from the jelly beans and it helps to give it a quick cleaning after every four or five jelly beans.
  4. Once your bracelet is long enough, tie the two ends together (we triple knotted them). Then it’s time to enjoy!

These were extremely easy to make and my kids had a lot of fun picking out patterns and colors. We ended up making extras for their cousins (we tucked them inside their Easter eggs for Sunday’s big hunt)!

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And that’s it! A colorful and fun way to celebrate the Easter season! If you like this idea check out Decorating Easter Eggs with Babies or find all of my Easter ideas here.
Jelly Bean Bracelets 00 - Pinterest 02

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  1. “Insert the feeling of failure and a touch of mommy guilt”… I have been there before too! This is too cute, thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. Thank you Tammi 🙂 I’m glad I’m not the only one!

  3. Adorable! What size needle did you use? Were you able to clean it all off after you were done?

  4. Thanks Amanda! We used a standard embroidery needle. It was really easy to clean it off! We wiped it down with a baby wipe after every four or five jelly beans were added. When we were all done I washed it with warm soap and water. You’d never even know we used it!

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