A Year of Dates

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I love spending time with my children.

And I often have a lot of “Mommy guilt” for not giving them my undivided attention. Between housework, cell phones, work, meal preparation, and social responsibilities, I struggle to find time when I can give each child my complete, undivided attention.

To help set aside this important time, I made these “Year of Dates” cards for my son. There are 12 cards total – one for each month.

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On each card, I wrote down an activity to do with my him one-on-one. No one else invited. No cell phones. No TV. No distractions.

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I used simple ideas, such as “take a walk”, “grab some ice cream”, and “go swimming together”.

The ideas don’t have to be expensive, or elaborate – the important thing is to have quality time to communicate with your child.

Don’t make it harder than it needs to be!

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In my experience, it’s not what you do, it’s the one on one time that means the most. Give your child your full attention. Let them talk, and genuinely listen to their responses.

To make your own “Year of Dates”, simply download my free date cards, available here: Year of Date Cards.

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Cut out each card, write down your chosen activity for the month, and punch a hole in the corner.

Then put the cards on a ring (available at any office supply store), and add a ribbon.

I even added a blank page so you can write a note to the person you’re giving the gift to. And although these are for my children, they would make great gifts for spouses, significant others and friends!

Here are some suggestions of fun activities:

  • Trip to the park.
  • Go swimming.
  • Take in a baseball game.
  • Grab some ice cream!
  • Go to the zoo.
  • Visit a local museum.
  • Go to the toy store and let your child pick out one toy.
  • Rent a movie.
  • Take a bike ride!
  • Create a scavenger hunt.
  • Put together a photo album.
  • Write letters to grandparents, aunts and uncles.
  • Go back to school shopping.
  • Go to the grocery store and pick up some non-perishable food. Donate to a local shelter.
  • Take a long walk.
  • Go out for lunch.
  • Take a trip to the bowling alley.
  • Bake a cake, or cupcakes, and decorate together.
  • Build something! (A fort in the backyard, or a Lego tower!)
  • Plant flowers.
  • Deliver treats to the neighbors.
  • Visit a waterpark or a local indoor pool (especially great for the winter months!)
  • Go to a farm and pet the animals.
  • Plant a garden.
  • Visit a spray park.
  • Carve pumpkins together.
  • Grocery shopping, let them pick out what’s for dinner!
  • Go to the book store.

So here’s my challenge to you: Start planning your next “date” with your child.

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