How to Make Your Own Fonts! (and download mine for FREE!)

iFontMaker 00

I love typography. I am a self-declared “font nerd”. I love type so much, I will scour the Internet for hours trying to find the perfect font for my projects. And if I don’t find one I like, I’ll make my own (a process that takes hours, and hours, and hours!).

Go ahead and judge me, I don’t mind – my husband teases me about this all the time!

This week I stumbled upon the app iFontMaker. According to their website, you download the app ($6.99) and “create your own hand font in 5 minutes”.

This sounded way too good to be true.

After much deliberation and research, I broke my rule of not paying more than $1.99 for an app, and purchased it.

And let me tell you… Making your own font is easier than they claim on their website.

I opened the app on our iPad and got to work. Within ten minutes, I created my own font. By the end of the hour I had three brand new fonts in my own handwriting.

It really is that easy. In fact, when my two-year old came home he created his own font. (It’s a little sloppy, but fun nonetheless!)

The app is seriously simple. Here’s a quick run down of how it works:

First, you open the app. It will pull up a grid and a sample letter. You simply draw the letter and move onto the next character. You can use your finger to write, or – if you want to get fancy – you can use a stylus pen. Either one will work! (I used my finger to create the fonts below.)

The app will guide you through all upper- and lower-case letters, numbers and punctuation.

iFontMaker 01

While you’re going from letter to letter, you can put the app in “compose” mode and see what a sentence will look like. This will allow you to adjust spacing or redo a letter if it doesn’t look right:

iFontMaker 02

When you’re all done, you simply select “Build Font via” and it will format your font for you. You can e-mail it to yourself and download it to your computer.

iFontMaker 03

It costs nothing to create the fonts. All you have to do is purchase the app. The rest is up to you and your imagination!

Here are the three fonts I created last night. If you head over and “Like” my Facebook page, you can download the BA Becca Arts font for FREE! (Just click on the “Free Downloads” tab!)

iFontMakers 04

iFontMakers 05

iFontMakers 06

It’s seriously so easy! If you own an iPad and are a parent, teacher, scrapbooker or crafter – I highly recommend this app! If you have any questions please let me know! I’d be happy to help!

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