Memory Jar

Memory Jar 01

I wanted to find a creative and easy way to write down our family memories from the year. Here’s what we came up with!

Whenever Greg or Casey does something I want to remember, I write it down on a strip of paper and put it in our memory jar. I love it! It’s such a fun and cute way to gather our memories. We plan on reopening the jar on New Year’s Eve 2013 to read all of our great moments of the year. (Then I’ll slap the slips in our scrapbook.)

You can make your own memory jar with a few simple supplies:

  • Some type of jar
  • Slips of paper
  • Pen / Pencil
  • *Optional: Stickers, Marker, Glue, Glitter*

Memory Jar 02

Simply write “Memory Jar” or “2013” on the front of your jar (use a marker, stickers, or glue and glitter!)

Memory Jar 03

Tie ribbon to the top of the jar.

Memory Jar 04

Memory Jar 05

Put the slips of paper and pen/pencil by the jar.

Memory Jar 06

Place the jar in an obvious spot and start recording your memories!

Memory Jar 07


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